• Decide who will go first.
  • Decide which kind of relationship you’d like to practice with:
    – Influence your direct report
    – Influence your peer
    – Influence your manager


  • Pick a number from 1-6.
  • Choose a member of the group to be your influence target.
  • Listen to the audio clip. The person in the clip is your influence target.
  • Take a moment to think about your learning goals for the exercise and your influence objective.
  • Have a go.
  • Your target should respond based on how influenced they are.


  • After a couple of minutes, pause and get feedback from the target and one other member of the group.
  • Those giving feedback should say which styles they think you are using and any reflections on your words, music, and dance.


  • Continue for another couple of minutes.
  • Get final feedback.
  • Move on to the next participant.